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Why #WeWontRest

Breakthroughs only come about because of the passion, commitment and the dedication of individuals, teams and companies working to discover and develop new medicines for patients. In late 2017, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) launched a pan-European campaign called #WeWontRest. It highlighted some personal stories from people working in our industry in order to better explain biopharmaceutical innovation, demonstrate the value of medicines, and share insights on the future of R&D and healthcare in Europe.

AbbVie made its first public commitment to the #WeWontRest campaign with a pledge from one of our managers, Claire Rooney, who at that time was a Quality Control Laboratory Manager at AbbVie’s site in Cork. AbbVie Cork supports the global supply of a wide range of therapies for conditions and diseases.

Claire featured in a campaign pledge and visual communicating AbbVie’s commitment to discovering much-needed cures and treatments for people around the world battling liver disease, cancer and other health challenges.

In her campaign video, Claire explains why she was inspired to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and why the work she does is rewarding. Her testimony also discusses AbbVie’s corporate responsibility commitment and shows Claire and her fellow colleagues participating in the company’s Week of Possibilities volunteering initiative.

Claire’s contribution has been promoted on social media platforms by a number of industry organisations, including the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association and EFPIA.