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Passionate About Our Work, Responsible in Our Actions

We go beyond medicine, using our resources to improve healthcare in our local communities and across the globe.

Ireland Beach Clean

1 week of volunteering – ~230 employees – 8 beaches – 161 sacks of rubbish - ~1 ton of waste removed 


Committed to Making a Remarkable Impact on People’s Lives

In Ireland, and around the world, AbbVie is committed to making a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We do this by listening to changing patient needs, looking and thinking ahead, and constantly innovating. By continually enhancing our product offerings, educating our patients, supporting our healthcare professionals and working to increase access to care, we ensure that this remarkable impact is happening right now, all around us.


Supporting Communities

AbbVie aspires, alongside a wide range of stakeholders, to help transform education by narrowing the achievement gap in science and literacy. The company is committed to making resources available to students today so that they are prepared to succeed tomorrow.


Operating Responsibly

Our values define how we operate our business and design our strategies. These values include being a globally responsible business and partner. We are committed to cultivating an ethical and transparent culture to drive sustainable growth.

AbbVie Cycle Challenge

To date, more than 250 AbbVie cyclists have
travelled approximately 2,250 km for worthy charities, raising more than