Going Beyond: Meaningful Impact

AbbVie is committed to making a remarkable impact on people’s lives. 

Committed to Making a Remarkable Impact on People’s Lives

In Ireland, and around the world, AbbVie is committed to making a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We do this by listening to changing patient needs, looking and thinking ahead, and constantly innovating. By continually enhancing our product offerings, educating our patients, supporting our healthcare professionals and working to increase access to care, we ensure this remarkable impact is happening right now, all around us.

AbbVie understands that addressing the world's health challenges requires a comprehensive and responsible approach. That's why AbbVie is committed to going beyond medicine, not just developing innovative therapies but also playing a wider role in improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing local communities.

We pledge to be a responsible corporate citizen, mindful of our responsibilities to our people, our communities and our environment.

AbbVie Ireland has developed a vision of responsible business. We are developing an ethical business culture, a sustainable supply chain and a responsible approach to research and exemplary ecological stewardship. We partner with employees everyday to engage them with this vision.

Our Business Impact

AbbVie recently contributed to the development of an Irish corporate responsibility ‘Business Impact Map’. The map captures statistics from 60 of Ireland’s largest companies, including AbbVie, who are members of the Business in the Community Ireland (BITC) charity.

The map gives a county-by-county breakdown of how companies and their employees supported their local community groups and charities during 2018.

AbbVie aspires to be a good corporate citizen, not just internationally and nationally but also at a local level. This resource shows how and where we deliver on that commitment. 

In Ireland, AbbVie has joined forces with the national volunteer development agency, Volunteer Ireland to help make the greatest possible impact.

To learn more about this partnership click here: https://www.bitc.ie/business_impact/abbvie-volunteer-ireland/

Commitment to Transparency

AbbVie is committed to transparency in all of its interactions with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), healthcare organisations (HCOs) and patient associations.

We believe partnerships with healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient organisations bring value to patient care.

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