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Supporting Communities—Science Education

AbbVie aspires, alongside a wide range of stakeholders, to help transform education by narrowing the achievement gap in science and literacy. The company is committed to making resources available to students today so that they are prepared to succeed tomorrow.

Light Your STEM Spark

Click the above image to download AbbVie’s most recent STEM-focused brochure for parents. Learn more about the world of possibilities that studying STEM subjects and STEM careers can unlock. 

Transform Education—SEEK

This AbbVie science education programme was piloted in Ireland and launched globally across the company in 2014. It aims to spark a child’s interest in science and hopefully in time play a part in creating Ireland’s next generation of leaders in this field. In 2016, it was complemented by an engineering-focused module titled SEEK Engineering, which was developed specifically for 6th-class pupils.