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Unique Sporting Partnership

The only sponsorship in Ireland between a multinational pharmaceutical company and a ladies or men’s inter-county Gaelic football team.

AbbVie’s Unique Sporting Partnership

In 2020, Sligo Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) and AbbVie announced details of a sponsorship deal at one of company's Sligo facilities. 

The arrangement sees the AbbVie logo appear on the senior ladies’ football team jerseys. AbbVie also sponsors of the Sligo men’s county GAA Senior, U-21 and Junior football team jerseys, commencing an initial three-year sponsorship deal with Sligo GAA in 2016. Both sponsorship arrangements were extended at the end of 2022.

Many of the company’s 400-plus Sligo employees are currently involved in GAA and the LGFA or have previously played the sport at various levels. 

The recent sporting partnership with the Sligo LGFA further underscores the company’s support of local communities and sports organisations, while demonstrating a firm commitment to equity, equality, diversity and inclusion (EED&I) practices, both inside and outside of the organisation.

AbbVie’s partnership with the Sligo and Sligo LGFA also means that it is now the only multinational pharmaceutical company in Ireland to support an inter-county team, regardless of gender.