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Driven by our Principles

Our purpose is profound, and our path is clear. We know we are at our best when all voices are heard and valued and when our employees can contribute their best. That’s why embracing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion is one of our core Principles.

At AbbVie, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion means:

Equality is
appreciating differences and treating people with dignity and respect. It is the fair treatment of people regardless of their visible or less visible characteristics such as gender, race, physical or mental disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age.

Diversity is
valuing and sharing an infinite range of ideas, viewpoints and backgrounds to broaden our perspectives. We seek to build diverse teams at every level of the organisation.

Inclusion is
actively accepting each person as an important part of our organisation, and encouraging collaboration between individuals and teams with different points of view. Inclusion enables a sense of belonging and it is how we create the most value from a diverse team.

Our focus on equality, diversity and inclusion enables us to continue growing

With a focus on recruiting, developing, retaining and performing, our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy enables us to raise the bar and continue growing. It includes:

  • Driving Awareness & Understanding
    • Instilling an inclusive mindset in all leaders and employees
  • Attracting & Sourcing Talent
    • Proactively finding and engaging top talent
  • Developing & Engaging Talent
    • Creating opportunities for talent to thrive
  • Creating Connections & Community
    • Bringing people together to promote inclusion

Why it matters

For our people: When everyone can be themselves at work and when they’re treated with respect and dignity, we maximise every employee’s potential.

For our patients: Developing and delivering innovative life-changing medicines for our diverse patients with unique health challenges requires thoughtfulness and creativity that only comes from a wide range of inputs.

For our business: Equality, diversity and inclusion is good for our people and patients, and also for our business—strengthening performance, helping us innovate and understand our customers, and ensuring we retain the best talent.

Our people stories

AbbVie is made up of 30,000 employees across the world, contributing in diverse ways to one collective purpose. In the below series, we take a closer look at some of the incredible people who embody our company's Principles.

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First up, a conversation with Tahira Payne, area director, site management & monitoring, research & development.

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In our second in the series, a conversation with Kevin Chedda, associate director, category management.

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