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Delivering value in Ireland across the entire lifecycle of AbbVie medicines

The task of turning possibilities into reality for doctors and their patients is constant. Approximately 2,600 AbbVie employees support this goal at eight locations in Ireland, including Cork, Dublin, Sligo, and Westport.

AbbVie has 90+ compounds, devices or indications in development in our pipeline individually or under collaboration or license agreement. More than 80% are considered “first-in-class”.1

An innovative medicine is created in four stages and, at each point in this journey, AbbVie adds value in Ireland.


It all starts with groundbreaking research known as Discovery. AbbVie partners with scientists and doctors all over the world to identify the treatments of the future. In Ireland, we are working with Genuity Science to unlock the Irish genome and harness its potential to tackle a range of medical conditions.2

Clinical Trials & Data Generation

Once a discovery has been made, Clinical Trials and Data-Generation studies establish that our treatments are safe and measure the effectiveness of potential new treatments. To date, we have worked with doctors and hospitals on more than 76 programmes in Ireland to investigate outcomes and continue improving standards of care.1,3


If a clinical trial is successful, Manufacturing for global supply is the third step. This is a sizeable part of our business in Ireland.

AbbVie has a total of five plants in four locations in Ireland: Sligo, Mayo, Cork, and Dublin. We have invested more than €344 million at these sites over the past ten years.3

Innovative Medicines

The creation of Innovative Medicines represents the ultimate value of what we do. Creating commercial possibilities allows us to reinvest funding into discovery, allowing the process to begin once again:

  • We are committed to leveraging innovation to improve outcomes for patients across a range of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 


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